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We offer services in Tax Preparation, Financial Accounting, Tax Accounting and Consulting, and Repatriation Tax Consulting for Canadians returning to Canada. Allow us to help you in any of these areas with our experience as tax advisers. We are a Canmore, Alberta based firm that services clients across Canada.

Bookkeeping Services

We offer comprehensive bookkeeping services to clients that need help getting their accounting and finances in order. We offer staffing and reporting solutions tailored to each clients’ needs, ensuring that our clients are provided with the services they need to succeed. Whether it’s year-end bookkeeping done solely for tax purposes or monthly reporting to provide information for management decision making, we can deliver the results you need.

Corporate Tax

We offer comprehensive tax support to business clients, both incorporated companies and sole proprietorships, to let you rest at ease when tax time comes. This includes the filing of necessary returns, advice on issues that can impact your tax burden, and the preparation and filing of information slips (like T4’s) for your employees.

Personal Tax

Personal tax services are offered for individuals ranging from single income source returns to complex tax returns with a myriad of tax issues to consider. We can also provide consultation during major life events like a significant purchase to ensure that you structure things to optimize your tax burden. Personal Tax Packages .

Tax Advice for Repatriation to Canada

For Canadians returning to Canada after living outside the country for a multi-year period there can be numerous tax implications to address. Sometimes the decision to change your re-entry date by even a few days can have sweeping tax consequences. We provide consultation to clients on the complex issues that present themselves and ensure the correct filings are made with the CRA, preventing unpleasant surprises down the road. More Information.

Tax Advice for Expatriates and Individuals Leaving Canada

For residents of Canada planning on leaving the country, or those already outside of it, there can be significant tax issues to address. Establishing non-residency with the CRA, and thereby not paying personal income tax in Canada, can be more complex than simply leaving the country. We can ensure you have a clear understanding of the non-residency process and can also address your additional filing requirements with the CRA.

Accounting Support Services

For organizations that prefer to keep their core accounting and finance responsibilities in house we can provide support services related to specific labour intensive aspects of the accounting cycle. Management of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll are all specific support services we provide.

Forensic Accounting and Tax Services

It’s not uncommon for companies or individuals to get behind on their accounting and taxes, sometimes to the tune of several years. We have worked with numerous individuals in companies to get them caught up with their finances and more importantly with the CRA. We can work with the CRA on your behalf to ensure you no longer have them chasing you for a backlog of unpaid taxes.


  • Keith Hanna

    “AGA is just the sort of company you want watching your back a “CFO on call”. I have put my entire financial process in a box then into the mail AGA takes care of the rest and that frees me up to do what I do best: make the money that they manage. Give them a try. You will love what AGA does for you.”

  • Mike Reid

    “AGA has provided me with the ability to devote all of my personal time to current projects. The best accountant firm I have ever used!”

  • Suzy Clark

    “AGA has made my financial year end a dream. All I do is put my receipts and statements in a box during the year, then put that box in the mail. The best thing I could have done for myself is went with AGA.”

Our Team

Stefan Armstrong


Stefan is the partner responsible for the management accounting and consulting at AGA. He has 11 years experience in helping businesses be successful as an internal accountant. Stefan graduated in 2005 from University of Manitoba with a bachelor of commerce (Honors) with a major in Accounting and qualified as a Certified Management Accountant in 2008.

Sirirat Chatirung

Accounting Manager

Sirirat is the accounting team lead at AGA and has 20 years experience in financial and management accounting. As an accounting manager at AGA Sirirat applies her knowledge and experience to assist nearly every client at the firm. She originally graduated from Thammasat University in Thailand with a Bachelor of Accounting before completing an MBA in Corporate Finance at the University of Dallas.

Eve Wichagwongsa

Accounting Manager

Eve is a Manager at AGA with more than 10 years experience in Canadian accounting and finance services with an Accounting Degree from KhonKaen University. She prepares tax returns for individuals and corporations, with an excellent eye for details.

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